Birth Injuries – Improper Neonatal Care Can Cause Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy

Birth Injuries - Improper Neonatal Care Can Cause Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy

Being a pregnant mom is never easy. You will do anything in order to protect your child inside your womb. You always think of how you can do to make sure that the fetus you bear for 9 months will be safe until you give birth. But what if you have an improper neo-natal checkup? Then I guess the problem will start from there. Many mothers who go to the clinic for a checkup finally the birth of their child. Of those, some may experience birth injuries like of a cerebral palsy and or brain injuries. click here for related information.

What is a cerebral palsy?

A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer is someone who is there to take care of babies and their mother who are born with cerebral palsy. It is a kind of disability which causes many problems including balance, posture, movement and body coordination. Those babies experiencing cerebral palsy have these usual conditions like slow in rolling over, sitting, walking and/or crawling. There are times that cerebral palsy will be diagnosed soon after the mom gives birth and sometimes this disorder has not been being recognized until a child will reach to four or five years of age, especially when certain improvement milestones are not met. for more about birth injuries , visit :

Birth Injuries - Improper Neonatal Care Can Cause Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy

A cerebral palsy disorder is caused through an injury in the developing brain, to which a child may not develop until they are 3 years of age. Very often,a certain brain injury which causes cerebral palsy could occur near or during the time of the mother’s delivery.

What may cause cerebral Palsy birth injury?

The common reason and cause of cerebral palsy is through birth injury. This is a kind of injury that will occur prior and during delivery of the mother which causes a permanent damage to life of the child. Birth asphyxia, is a kind of abnormal happening, which occurs when there is no oxygen reaching to bloodstream up to the brain of the mother during labor, is almost the common cause of cerebral palsy. Therefore, the child will then also experienced oxygen deprivation if them other experiences oxygen deprivation and or she is experiencing bleeding and/or hemorrhaging.Worse of all, all of these problems are preventable and a Cerebral Palsy lawyer must be contacted if you feel that there is an issue with your child.

What may cause brain damage?

When our brain is starved of oxygen for a very long time, there will be damage to some degree of the brain. A brain injury could happen as the result of having a wide range of illnesses, conditions or injuries. And because of this high-risk conditions, the males are considered to be the most vulnerable.

How can brain injuries be treated?

Anybody who has experienced a brain injury needs an urgent medical assistance and the parents must contact a Cerebral Palsy lawyer. This brain injury which is considered mild, is known as concussion- this is a serious and very hazardous severe injuries. A brain injury will not necessarily result in a long-term disorder or impairment. However, there will be a correct standard way of correcting this disability, which is to provide the correct treatments and diagnoses to the patient. An MIR or a CT scan can be also be done to assess the needs of the patients.

As a mother, extra care, and a proper checkup is needed to ensure the child’s safety. Just one mistake by the doctor or medical staff during birth could mean a lifetime misfortune of the child and deserves the correct treatment. If you have any worries about your child and how they were treated during birth, contact a Cerebral Palsy lawyer today.